S.R. Construction Services is a Statewide Division 1 General Contractor serving ALL of Florida. Projects in this space have a high degree of difficulty requiring production at scale while maintaining tight tolerances for all the sophisticated systems and controls. S.R. Construction Services has built a team of industry professionals that demonstrates our expertise in manufacturing, processing, extraction, and cultivation (indoor and outdoor designs) along with specialty research and development projects.

Industry Specialization

One of the most critical and yet often overlooked challenges for any General Contractor operating in the Medical Cannabis sector in the United States is the inability to 1. find a bank willing to provide basic depositary and other financial services to them and 2. meet the stringent qualifications and required ongoing reporting and monthly audits for a (CRB) Cannabis related business. SRCS satisfies both of these critical criteria for our clients.

Noteworthy Experience​

  • Cultivation (both indoor and outdoor facilities) including Research Nursery Facilities
  • Large scale Processing & Distribution (Both New Construction & Renovation)
  • Fertigation Systems: Dosatron (Injectors / Nutrient Delivery Systems), Growlink and Consolidated Water Systems
  • IT Automation Systems: Climate Control Systems CCS, ARGUS Control Systems, Ridder Controls and HydroFarm
  • Industrial Hardware: Vitalis Extraction Technology systems, Eden Labs Extraction, Shaeffer Fans, Thermocore SIP panels, Nichiha Building Wall Panels, Permatherm Panel, NexG3n Table systems, RollaBond Rack Systems and numerous LED (Light-Emitting Diode), HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) grow light systems and Florescent grow light systems
  • CRB Bankable

Industrial Portfolio

  • Cultivation Facilities
  • Processing Facilities
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental Centers